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Do I have to participate online?

We would prefer that you register and log your reading online so you can experience all that our online reading programs have to offer such as opportunities to earn more points, special prizes just for online participants and more.

We have also set up a library computer just for patrons to use to log their days read. You can also use one of our Internet computers and access the program from our website.

However, if you'd prefer not to use the online program, you can still participate by picking up a Challenge log at the Help Desk. 

Can I join the challenge at any time?

You can sign up as late as the last day of the Adult Summer Library Challenge (August 4, 2018) to participate.

You can sign up to participate for the Read Through the Year Challenge at any time before December 15, 2018 which is the last day of the program.

Do I need a library card to participate in the challenges?

A library card is not required to participate in the program. However, if you would like to get a card, it is easy and free. Just stop by any of our locations or the bookmobile and bring your ID with you. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign your library card application form. 

Do I have to read books checked out from the library?

While it would be great if you checked out all the books you read either from a library location or by using your library card to download books and audiobooks through Overdrive, you are not required to do so. Regardless of where you get your books, we hope you read and participate!

Do I need to have an email address? 

No but if you do have one we recommend including it to receive notifications.

Why do you ask for my primary library?

We keep track of program statistics so it allows us to know how many of our library patrons from each library location are participating in the reading program and Summer Library Challenge.

How do I participate in both the Read Through the Year Reading Challenge and the Adult Summer Library Challenge?

Because the Read Through the Year challenge is ongoing, you will need to add a "Child Account" to participate in both programs at the same time. 

Follow the instructions below under "How do I create a family account" and select "Adult Summer Library Challenge" as the program you want to sign up for. Fill out your name and contact information and give yourself a new username. You can use the same password for both accounts.

What is a family account?

A family account will allow you to log reading for both yourself, your spouse and any children participating in our reading programs. 

How do I create a family account?

To create a family account, click on "Register". When asked who you would like to register, select "Myself and Children". Follow the steps to create a username for yourself and then add your spouse or any children, creating usernames for them. While usernames must be unique, you can use the same password and email address for all accounts.

Can I add my family to my account if I already created one for myself?

Yes. Once you are logged in to your account, click on "Account" from the menu at the top of the page. Then select "Add Child Account". Click on "New Child Account" and follow the steps. If your child already has an account select "Link Existing Account" and enter the username and password of your child.

How do I log my reading?

Sign into your account and from the main page you can log your reading by selecting "Days" (Adult Summer Library Challenge, Kids Summer Library Challenge) or "Books" (Read Through the Year Challenge). For the summer challenge, enter the number of days read. If you finished a book, include that information too. Adults participating in the challenge will earn extra points for writing a review. 

For the Read Through the Year Challenge, enter the title (required) and author. If you have a family account, click on the button with your name in it. Click "Submit".

How do I log reading for my family?

When you are logged in, on the main page you should see a box that says "Log Activity". If you are logging reading for an adult, select "Days" (Summer Library Challenge) or "Books" (Read Through the Year). If you are logging for a child, select "Days". Click the name of the person you want to log books or days for.

If your kids read the same number of days, you can select those kids' names and click submit.

How do I switch between my account and my family's accounts?

If you are logged in to your account, you can switch back and forth between your account and your family members' accounts using the "Family Accounts" widget on the left side of the page. It has a drop-down menu where you can select which person's account to display. You would use this to log activities for the participants in different programs.

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