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Announcing our first ever year long reading challenge for adults. How many books can you read in a year?

Challenge yourself and set your own reading goal for 2018 but the more you read the more prize entries you earn!  Although the challenge starts on January 15th, you can count any book you read from January 1st through December 15th. 

The program ends on Saturday December 15th but you have until Saturday December 22nd to catch up on any logging of books or activities. Grand prize winners will be notified in early January 2019.


*After you register, be sure to enter the secret code READMORE to earn bonus points for using our online reading program!*

How it Works:

Register Online – Create an account for yourself or create a family account if your kids or spouse also participate in our reading programs and you'd like to use one account to manage everything. The "My Group" option is for classroom use only.

Track Your Reading – Log in and track your reading to earn points. Each book you read = 10 points. Points can be redeemed for tickets in our raffle prize drawing.

Get Extra Points – Earn extra points by completing activities, writing a book review or by entering secret codes (from library programs or promotional materials). Be sure to enter the secret code READMORE to get bonus points for using the online program. 

What kinds of books can I read?

Fiction and nonfiction for adults
Graphic novels
Teen fiction and nonfiction
Middle grade fiction
Juvenile fiction (200 pages+)

What formats count?

Print books
Audiobooks (including digital)


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