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Monday June 1st-Saturday August 4th, 2018 

Take the Adult Summer Library Challenge! Earn points for each day you read. You can also earn extra points by completing activities, writing book reviews for books you've finished or by entering secret codes (found on promotional materials or shared at certain library programs).

Points can be used to purchase tickets in our raffle prize drawing.

What can I read? 

Read books, e-books, audio books, and magazines. Books can be fiction and nonfiction for adults, graphic novels, teen fiction and nonfiction, middle grade and juvenile fiction (chapter books). Items read do not have to be checked out from the library.

How long do I have to read for it to count?

Whether you read for 20 minutes or 2 hours, it counts (though we certainly hope you read more)!

Can I still sign up if I'm already doing the Read Through the Year challenge?

For those of you who are already participating in our year long challenge, you will need to log in to ReadSquared and create a "Child Account" for yourself so you can participate in two programs at once. See our Frequently Asked Questions page or the video below for more details.

Find out more about how our online program works:

Still have questions? Contact us directly:

Once you are signed up, be sure to enter the secret code Libraries Rock to earn bonus points for participating in the program online.

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